Good Nrgy is Everywhere

Good morning people! There has never been a better time to be alive than right now! I know I know, with the creature we have in office and a possible nuclear war pending how can i say that? With the cops killing more people than ever before, with the NFL blackballing Colin Kaepernick for his silent protest against injustice, devastating hurricanes and the untimely death of Kenneka could this be the best time to be alive? It's because it is the only time in history we have the instruments and information to make change right at our disposal. The average person today is one click away from an article or video that can change their life, some of us have began to take advantage of that (i.e you clicking on this site!) and it has sparked an awareness in humans that we haven't had in a while.

The crazy conditions of the world has lured people back into the world of spirituality. When things get really hard and confusing, the first place people turn is to prayer. But many of us have found out that when you turn to prayer, meditation, affirmations etc, ALL THE TIME, the results are incredible. When you live each day with the main goal of becoming a better person and sharing your gifts with others you become a God yourself, you help raise the vibration of the planet and that power is greater than any other that power is what i call GOOD NRGY. Good Nrgy represents the vibes and waves produced when love is present, the effect of a good hug on a bad day, the learning of thy self, the smile of a 3 year old when they're happy to see you. These vibes are appreciated now more than ever!

Good Nrgy is EVERYWHERE! in fact it always has been, but we've been preoccupied with the wrong Nrgy. We spend all our time focusing on what is wrong with our lives instead of the things we can appreciate. We are worried about how people look, dress, skin color, "reality" TV and a long list of other unimportant things. It is okay to acknowledge these things but investing our Nrgy into them can be detrimental to us and those around us. So lets change our focus to the Good Nrgy around us, to the people like Colin Kaepernick giving back to the community, Eric Thomas one of the best motivational speakers in the world, and many others doing great deeds on a small and large scale. Find peace amongst all the wild things happening on earth and you will find out all this chaos is just an illusion.

I challenge you to go 30 days straight with putting your Nrgy into anything negative. To acknowledge the bad things going on but having the will power to choose the good over the bad. Start your morning off with positive affirmations, watch an inspiring video or two and carry that Nrgy throughout your day! Make it a habit and before you know it you will inspire others to do the same. Little things like this is how we change the world. It starts with you!! #GoodNrgy

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