Good NRGY Awareness Program

This summer sparked the start of the Good NRGY Awareness Program in NYC which was created and spear headed by founder and CEO of Good NRGY, Gerald Colds. The young men of up and coming basketball program The YoungBucks were the beneficiary of this beautiful project. This Program is designed to help young kids become more conscious by giving them tools to learn themselves as well as learn others around them. The tools to calm their minds in the eye of the storm, have balance in their lives, and communicate their feelings thoroughly. One of the main components of the program is Meditation. Meditation has proven to be extremely beneficial for focus, mental well being, and changes in behavior for both adults and children around the world. To be able to blend meditation and basketball together has worked wonders for our kids and ultimately we hope the entire community will benefit. We all know as kids we deal with so many different emotions and now today with social media, many children are so self conscious and worried about their “image” more than they are with their mental state of being. As coaches and parents we must guide our youth in the right direction, to show them that basketball is a tool to help you learn life to help you build the character traits you will take with you for the rest of your life! If we teach them at a young age how to have a mental, physical, and spiritual alignment we will be placing the future in great hands.

Each day started off with a healthy conversation (led by Colds and Coach Erik Kelly) to get their minds going, along with breakfast consisting of fruits and nuts to give an energetic boost in the morning that would help them stride throughout the day. The early morning start (8am) to the program was something to be despised by the kids at first but they eventually got the hang of it! Followed up by stretching and meditation we gave these young men a foundation they had never seen before.

The progress shown from Week 1 to Week 8 was incredible! Not only because of the meditation and yoga practice but because of the goals each kid wrote down at the beginning of camp. Many of us know that writing out our goals can be extremely helpful to achieving them and these kids showed no different, it gave them a brand new focus and determination they were not accustomed to at home. Laying this foundation in the summer will help them carry great habits into the school year and beyond. I look forward to continuing to push the boys throughout the school year and keep them on top of their game! The hardest part about starting a new way of life is keeping it going, but we will stay consistent and keep up the Good NRGY!

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